Batter Up….and be ready to take the most important swing of your life! Upon hitting the baseball, it will burst with pink or blue powder in the air and the celebration of the Gender Reveal begins!

Beige Bear


Our adorable beige bear is always a winner! Extra soft and you will want to keep hugging it all day.

Big Tan Bear


13” light brown bear with a knitted scarf is a must see. It’s Big and super fluffy and you will want to hug it all day.

Confetti Cannon Poppers

Point, Shoot and Twist….shower your family and friends with pink or blue confetti! Your party will burst with confetti excitement and so much fun for everyone at your Gender Reveal to see.


Our lovable dogs with their shaggy fur and a ribbon will be your loyal companion forever.



Our elephant is our most popular! Super soft and perfect for cuddling.

He or She?? POP to See Balloon

Pop it and fill the air with blue or pink confetti! This makes every Gender Reveal party an automatic hit. Your guests will feel the anticipation moments before you pop it and everyone will celebrate afterwards! (Helium not included)



Our horse stands on it’s own and is a two-tone color. Super soft and cuddly.



Our monkey is a favorite to many! In a sitting position and very soft.

Smoke Bombs

Light it….and make your Gender Reveal announcement in the air with a beautiful cloud of pink or blue smoke. This will make your special moment extra exciting for everyone to see and be a part of.

Sneak Peek Fetal Doppler


SneakPeek Heartbeat Monitor

  • Baby Heartbeat Monitor
  • Detects full range of sound
  • Monitor baby movement
  • Record heartbeat
  • Safe & noninvasive
  • Compact & portable
  • Built-in speaker
  • FDA Cleared